New Warrnambool Landmark

New Warrnambool Landmark

When breakfast announcers at 3YB and Coast FM turn on their microphones tomorrow morning, listeners might not hear much of a difference immediately.


But both Jon and Kate (3YB) and Monkey and the Big Fella (Coast) will be broadcasting from a state of the art media centre that is designed to deliver services to a local community that is rapidly demanding more from its media outlets.


The new building featuring state of the art digital broadcast equipment is something original presenters could not have imagined. Studios are now ready for exciting future developments such as DAB+ and the provision of media beyond audio, such as multimedia and live video content.


It’s just part of an investment in the local area that started in 1994 when ACE Radio took over ownership of 3YB which already had more than 50 years serving the local community in the Great South Coast. The new building is part of that ongoing investment that includes Coast FM.


As well as a new station building the famous 3YB call sign will be on the move.


In the last quarter of the 2018 year, it will leave the AM broadcast band and be relocated to the FM broadcast band.


This significant change has only been made possible with the support of Victorian Senator Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications and the Arts and his support of AM/FM conversion across Australia in regional markets. Senator Fifield opened the new facility today.


The conversion was also made possible by the generosity and cooperation of the Vision Australia Radio Network who have agreed to swap over their FM frequency in exchange for a move to the current AM frequency, currently occupied by 3YB.


Rowly Paterson said: “This is not only great for our listeners, but will also benefit our good friends at Vision Australia Radio Network, known for their support of people who are blind or who have low vision in our community.


I would like to thank David Speyer and Conrad Browne from Vision Australia Radio Network for working together with us on this historic broadcast frequency exchange.”



ACE Radio Broadcasters

Owned by Rowly and Judy Paterson, the company has grown over the years to include seventeen radio stations, The Weekly Advertiser newspaper, ACE Digital and ACE Direct Sales. Today the group employs over 200 people, across Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

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