3MP's Jon Vertigan was a teenage prize-pig. He used to ring radio stations as a teenage boy, and fleece them of prizes. Records, CD's, holidays and much more.

On this podcast, he plays the audio of these winnings, and tracks down the announcer that gave him the prize, to apologize to them for being a Teenage Prize-Pig!


We are on a mission to find the most incredible women. Some we will know, others are going about their daily lives. Everyone has a story.

She is a CEO, She is a volunteer, She is a TV host, She is a doctor, an educator, a scientist, a leader. She is just getting on with it. What can we learn from her, what’s her message?

Join me to celebrate incredible, inspiring women and shine a great big beacon of light on their stories. Let’s learn from the women that are paving the way for us.


Sunday Celebrations every Sunday morning at 8am, thanks to Tobin Brothers Funeral.. Celebrating lives.

Hosted by Grant Johnstone. Every week we’ll chat with people who have each played a part in shaping life in Melbourne.
Business people, sports Men and women, musicians, politicians and broadcasters.
All with a very simple common link. They're passion and love for our great city.


Talking Fishing is an online show / Podcast that provides up to date and accurate information on the wonderful fishing there is to enjoy on the Mornington Peninsula as well as other parts of Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Each week, David Kramer and Adam Ring will cross to several fishing charter operators and prominent recreational fishers to provide detailed information on what’s biting and where. They will also be joined each week by a special guest to seriously “Talk Fishing”. Regular guests include the Victorian Government Minister for Fishing and Boating as well as the CEO of the Victorian Fisheries Authority. Add in some fishing specialists, scientists and characters in the industry, as well as a fresh fish market update - every week, will be different, entertaining, informative and inspiring. It will make you want to wet a line!