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 Research released this week into the listening habits of radio listeners across the Wimmera has revealed that an increasing number of people are tuning into ACE Radio’s two radio stations, with a combined reach of over 64% of the population.

The survey released this week was conducted by Xtra Insights, who are Commercial Radio Australia’s official survey provider for Regional Australia. The research s were also based on the official survey system created under the guidance of Commercial Radio Australia and subject to formal scrutiny by CRA national research auditor Dr Rob Hall.

Radio station 3WM and MIXX FM General Manager Brendan O’Loughlin said he was excited and delighted with the excellent results for both of the ACE Radio stations in the area.

“It is the perfect combination for our stations with Mixx FM the station listened to most under 40 and 3WM number 1 over 40. Radio listeners across the Wimmera have given us a stamp of approval that ACE Radio 

is providing the highest-quality product available in our listening area. Our team works extremely hard to make sure our listeners and clients

 have access to the best service available, and these results are the perfect reward for the energy they put in.” he said.

ACE Radio CEO Mark Taylor said “In a time when music streaming services, podcasting and other forms of audio get a lot of exposure, it is wonderful to see that traditional radio in our the ACE Radio footprint continues to flourish. We have always been highly committed to supporting regional communities, and it is humbling to see the local community listen in such big numbers”.

The survey shows that MIXX FM was number one 10+, with 33.8% of people reporting it as the station, they listen to most. ACE Radio 3WM was second with 24.4 compared to ABC Wimmera, a distant third with 14.4 and Triple J on 8%.

In the over 40s audience, 1089 3WM is the overall leader, with 32.4% of people reporting 3WM as the station listened to most.

In the important breakfast radio time slot, Mixx FM’s Morning Crew with Gabi and Dan was the show listened to most with 33.4 and The Morning Rush with Sean and Monkey second with 22.7. Again ABC Wimmera was third on 17.6 and Triple J fourth on 8.2.